Wanderlust Revelation: Bang Bang Boogaloo Label Launch Party March 8, 2011 (NYC)

By Carey Reed Zamarriego
(una versión en español está abajo)
It’s been my experience that 90% of the time ‘Boogaloo’ is used in the title of an event, it is a sign of a guaranteed good time.

I got the tip-off on Bang Bang Boogaloo’s Label Launch party happening Tuesday, March 8, 2011 from another blogger, Vivian Kelly, of the Fashion Examiner, who is not only hip to what is happening with factions of fashion, but is clued into many cool cultural city happenings. Unfamiliar with the Bang Bang Boogaloo crew (an NYC record label/blog dedicated to authentic music and specializing in digital compilations of relevant artists), I emailed my personal music guru (a dynamite DJ, who puts on fantastic funk/soul and boogaloo -there it is again, that magical, fun workout word for your mouth muscles- sets every Friday in Barcelona, Spain under the heading ‘Friday Nite Funk Fry‘) and while he wasn’t familiar with the BBB either, he did say it “sounds like some white boy blues thang… could be fun.” 
I gave a listen to their groups: The Dead Exs and The Dirty Glamour (who garnered some fans outside of their usual whiskey swigging, leather wearing followers thanks to a 2010 Payless commercial featuring their song, “Love You More Than Myself”). The music is loud and gritty and, as the Dirty Glamour state on their Facebook page represents, “The finest Lower East Side gutter rock, bred on the pure waters of the Gowanus Canal. Where the swamp meets the desert, where the slide meets the tambourine, where the electricity feeds the harmony.”

While the Dirty Glamour will not be performing, the Dead Exs will, along with three other acts. NYC’s rock ‘n’ roll newspaper, The Passenger, which claims to be “a stunning pictorial of neo-classic rock images,” will be covering the event and have issues on hand for sale.

The publication’s webpage (caution: very bright red, you may want to wear shades when viewing, and wouldn’t that be more rock ‘n’ roll anyway?), describes The Passenger as ” a god-fearing whiskey breathing enchanting traveler…a classically twisted lipped rider who lives for leather-studded extravagance.” If you feel you fit that bill or simply want to be around a velvet, animal print and leather bomber jacket-clad crowd and perk up a sluggish start to the work week, then this event is for you.

Big Bang Booglaoo Label Launch Party (NYC)
March 8, 2011 at 8pm
$7 (at door, 21+)
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery (at 2nd Street)
(212) 228-0228
NYC rock ‘n’ roll label launch party and release of a new NYC rock ‘n’ roll publication: The Passenger. Four acts performing.

(la versión en español)
Normalmente, cuando la palabra ‘Boogaloo’ aparece en el titulo de un evento, significa que no te debes perder.

Otra blogger, Vivian Kelly, del blog, Fashion Examiner, me informo sobre el evento: Bang Bang Boogaloo’s Label Launch que habra el 8 de Marzo en NYC. Ella no solo esta enchufada en el mundo de la moda, pero tambien siempre sabe de otros eventos culturales en la ciudad. Porque no reconoci el nombre del grupo (un selllo discografico de NYC que se especializa en musica autentica), envie un email a un ‘guru’ de la musica, un amigo mio quien tiene una residencia en un bar en Barcelona, Espanya donde pone lo mejor de funk y soul que se llamaFriday Nite Funk Fry‘ cada viernes y aunque el tampoco conocio el grupo Bang Bang Boogaloo, el me dijo que “suena a unos chicos blancos tocando los blues…puede ser divertido.” 
Escuche unas canciones de los grupos Bang Bang Boogaloo: The Dead Exs y The Dirty Glamour (quienes ganaron mas fans fuera del ‘tipo’ Dirty Glamour con un anuncio de Payless donde sono su cancion “Love You More Than Myself”). La musica de los dos es fuerte y energico y como dice en la pagina de The Dirty Glamour es representativa de “lo mejor gutter rock del Lower East Side de NYC, que viene de las aguas puras del Canal Gowanus.”

Aunque no van a tocar The Dirty Glamour, The Dead Exs si van a subir al escenario con tres grupos mas. Tambien, el periodico de rock y roll en NYC, The Passenger, que es “un ilustrado alucinante de imagenes de rock neo-classico,” va a estar presente y se puede comprar numeros del periodico

La pagina web del periodico (aviso: tiene un color rojo super fuerte al fondo y por eso, recomiendo que llevas gafas de sol mientras la miras, y tambien no es mas chulo, mas rock y roll mirar a una pagina web llevando gafas de sol?), dice que The Passenger es ” alguien quien vive la vida de lujo llevando ropa de cuero.” Si eres una persona de estilo rock puro o simplemente buscas una manera de mejorar una semana laboral que empezo de una manera floja, debes asistir a este evento.

Big Bang Booglaoo Label Launch Party (NYC)
el 8 de Marzo, 2011 a las 8pm
$7 (en la puerta, 21+)
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery (con la calle 2nd)

(212) 228-0228
Fiesta para celebrar el sello discografico Bang Bang Boogaloo y la publicacion de un nuevo periodico de rock y roll. Cuatro grupos de rock van a tocar.

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