Mountain Side Gear Rental: Camping Equipment Rentals Delivered to YOU

By Carey Reed Zamarriego

Mountain Side Gear Rental

(una versión en español está abajo)
I’m in the midst of planning a West Coast adventure trip. The fun will start at a close friend’s wedding outside San Francisco and continue with a road/plane trip with another friend coming in from Barcelona, Spain, to explore the vineyards in Sonoma and cities like Las Vegas. The highlight: a camping adventure inside the Grand Canyon. One of the greatest obstacles though, until now, was figuring out how we would pull of our camping outing. We couldn’t possibly smuggle all the necessary gear on the different planes we are taking to California from NYC and Barcelona respectively. And with airlines now charging for checked luggage, we needed a smart solution.
I searched online for camping rental shops near the Grand Canyon and was about to give up, when I stumbled upon a forum, where a woman mentioned Mountain Side Gear Rental. What do they do? Rent camping and backpacking equipment, everything from tents to cooking sets.

How does it work? Choose from the gear on their site; either a la carte or from one of their kits, such as the Complete Car Camping kit for two people, 14-day rental period;Complete Backpacking kit for one person, 3-day rental period or Complete Backpacking kit for three people, 3-day rental period. Pay for it to be shipped via UPS to your home, business or another UPS location anywhere in the US. 

Use the gear. If you open the first aid kit, you must keep it and pay the purchase price. Clean the equipment, pack it up and ship it back to Mountain Side Gear Rental, following the instructions they supply with the rental. 
That’s it!

(la versión en español)
Estoy planeando una aventura por la costa oeste. Empezamos, una amiga de Barcelona y yo, por San Francisco. Continuaremos a las vinyas de Sonoma y luego vamos a Las Vegas y lo mas destacado del viaje sera ir de camping en el medio del Gran Canyon. Lo unico obstaculo fue de pensar en una manera de llevar el equipo de acampada en los vuelos. Yo tengo que coger un vuelo desde NY a California y mi amiga va a California desde Barcelona. Y ahora cada linea aerea pide que la gente pague para mas que una maleta, pues busque una solucion economica e inteligente. Empece a buscar tiendas que alquila equipo de acampada cerca al Gran Canyon y encontre absolutamente nada. Luego vi en un forum en el Internet el nombre de una empresa:
Mountain Side Gear Rental
Que hagan ellos? Alquilen equipo de acampada y trekking, de toda la gama, desde las tiendas de campanya hasta los cubiertos.
Como funciona? Eliges equipo de su pagina web; puedes elegir y alquiler cosa por cosa o puedes seleccionar una de las combinaciones, por ejemplo elComplete Car Camping kit for two people, 14-day rental period;Complete Backpacking kit for one person, 3-day rental period o Complete Backpacking kit for three people, 3-day rental period. Pagas por el envio del equipo por UPS a tu casa, empresa o otra oficina de UPS.

Utilizas el equipo, lo lavas y segun las instrucciones de la devolucion, lo envias a Mountain Side Gear Rental por UPS y eso es todo!

3 thoughts on “Mountain Side Gear Rental: Camping Equipment Rentals Delivered to YOU

  1. Mountain Side Gear Rental provides a much-appreciated, unique service in a helpful, go-the-extra-mile way. When trying to decide where to have my gear shipped, a Mountain Side Gear Rental rep went as far as calling around the various UPS centers in the pick-up city and sent me their information: hours, extra charges, even notes about the temperaments of the UPS workers for each location. Now that is outstanding customer service!

  2. My name is Corina Marquardt and I own a company called Outdoors Geek. We have a retail shop near the airport where travelers can stop in and rent a tent, pick up rental camping equipment or backpacking gear on their way into the Rocky Mountains. The nice thing is you can pick up extra gear at our shop before you go. Our website is and our phone number is 303-699-6944. By the way, we do ship nationwide as well, but we love to meet the people we serve.

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