Heinchon’s Old Farmhouse: An Upstate NY Ice-Cream Institution

By Carey Reed Zamarriego

Heinchon's Old Farmhouse

For nearly eight years, I scooped ice-cream at Heinchon’s Old Farm House on Rt. 22 in Pawling, on a stretch of highway connecting Manhattanites to their weekend homes in Connecticut and Massachusetts. It was hard work. Don’t laugh. Over the years I nearly sprained my wrist several times digging into the hard, homemade ice-cream. I even had to wear a wrist bandage on more than one occasion for extra support. I also endured teasing from my brothers: “Carey: cone or cup?” “It’s so much more than that,” I would screech back. 

What’s harder than scooping the ice-cream is making it. It is both costly and time-consuming to recreate traditional family recipes, but Heinchon’s keeps doing it. 
At the Old Farm House you’ll find all-natural, homemade hard ice-cream in flavors like black raspberry, mud pie (coffee with fudge and oreos), peach melba and the non-green version of mint chocolate chip. They also have sugar-free, fat-free yogurts like butter pecan and 98% fat-free yogurt in white chocolate almond, which can be served in one of their freshly made waffle cones. There are specialty drinks, among them egg creams and the fruit frappe (lemon sorbet blended with fresh cut strawberries and seltzer). And then there’s something I spent a lot of my hard-earned Heinchon’s tips on: the decadent brownie sundae with a homemade brownie; a scoop of ice-cream, my version was with the white chocolate almond yogurt; drizzled with hot fudge; and topped off with a dollup of homemade whipped cream and a sprinkling of walnuts.
Heinchon’s Old Farm House

Route 22, Pawling, NY 12564
(845) 878-6262
Trabaje en la heladeria Heinchon’s Old Farm House en el autopista 22 que conecta residentes de la ciudad de Nueva York con sus casas de campo en Connecticut and Massachusetts durante casi ocho anyos. Fue un trabajo duro, en serio! Durante los anyos en mas que una ocasion casi torci mi munyeca y tenia que llevar una venda. Tambien tenia que suportar las tomaduras de pelo de mis hermanos: “Carey: que quieres una tallarina o un cono de helado?” Siempre respondi: ” Es mas trabajo que preguntar si un cliente quiere una tallarina o un cono.”

Lo que es mucho mas dificil es hacer el helado. Recrear recetas tradicionales es costoso y un proceso largo, pero la gente de Heinchon’s sigue haciendolo.
En la heladeria de Heinchon’s hay helado casero en sabores como frambuesa, pastel de barro (cafe con chocolate y oreo), melocoton, y menta con trozitos de chocolate. Hay yogures sin azucar y sin grasa con nueces y yogures con solo 2% de grasa que se puede pedir en uno de los conos hechos en la heladeria. Hay bebidas especiales como la tradicional crema de huevo o una especialidad de casa: la fruit frappe (sorbete de limon mezclado con fresas y gaseosa, tipo Casera). Y tambien hay algo muy especial, el sundae de bizcocho. Gaste mucha de mi propina de Heinchon’s en los sundaes de bizcocho. Esta hecho con un bizcocho casero, una bola de helado, chocolate caliente, crema batida casera y nueces, es divino.
Heinchon’s Old Farm House
Route 22, Pawling, NY 12564
(845) 878-6262

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