Dancing Horses: Grand Central Terminal NYC

From March 25-31, 30 dancing horses by soundsuit creator and performance artist Nick Cave – not the Australian musician, who plays with the Bad Seeds – prance around, and even do what looks like the Harlem Shake for 15 minutes at 11am and 2pm in Grand Central Terminal’s (Station) Vanderbilt Hall, as part of the station’s centennial celebrations.

Cave’s Heard•NY, happens within two large, cordoned off circles. Get there 10-15 minutes early for a spot in the front. The dancers arrive, and come together in pairs to make Cave’s beautiful equine creations. The performance begins with the horses grazing to classical harp music, provided by musicians seated at raised platforms beside the circles. Then, the percussion takes over. Each horse couple separates and a Harlem Shake-like dance breaks out, with the half-horses moving around with what appear to be moving mini-stacks of colorful hay or crazy colored Cousin Itts. Children and adults giggle and reach out to touch the wild beasts.

For more on Nick Cave’s Heard•NY, presented by CreativeTime and MTA Arts for Transit presentation, click here. And to learn more about the artist’s soundsuits, go to this PBS News Hour video.

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