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Coming Out Muslim: The Door to a Conversation

“Success is them [my parents] knowing I’m not who they wanted and I am still invited home,” shares Wazina Zondon, one of two principal storysharers of Coming Out Muslim: Radical Acts of Love, a performance piece about people being at the intersections of Islam and querness

Drinks Theater: New World Stages NYC

By Carey Reed Zamarriego ‘Create’ wall honoring Jonathan Larson at New World Stages. “Grab a drink and take it to your seat,” written in white chalk and accompanied by a colorful cocktail drawing on a sandwich board greets attendees to shows at the New World Stages. It’s a surprising and lovely welcome in stark contrast […]
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A Tree Grows in Rockefeller Center: NYC

By Carey Reed Zamarriego Rockefeller Center Tree, NYC. The winter holiday season is officially underway in the US. We survived the largest shopping and discount day of the year (AKA Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving) and the hysteria it created, which ripped through stores across the country. Thanks to the all sales clerks who […]
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Giving Thanks

By Carey Reed Zamarriego Thank you blog fans! Thanksgiving in the U.S. is this Thursday, November 24th.  It falls every year on the fourth Thursday of November. Canada gives thanks on the second Monday of October. The holiday has a controversial history, what with how badly the first settlers treated the Native Americans. The idea […]
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Beating the Baggage Blues

By Carey Reed Zamarriego Maddy Moo The baggage scale tilts well past the limit. I timidly smile, hoping the man at the counter will just let me through. Bingo! After receiving a short scolding and explanation on the importance of weight limits for checked baggage, my large, hard shelled lime green case and I are […]
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Book Therapy: London

  By Carey Reed Zamarriego Fiction to free you from work frustrations? A tome to treat tension with the in-laws? Well, yes. Why not? That’s what Ella Berthoud believed while studying English at Cambridge University. Although she switched from word artistry to painting after college, Berthoud never let go of a dream to become a […]
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