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Untapped Cities Travel: Roller Dancer Barcelona

Michelle Barrios spent her weekends from the age of around eight or nine at El Patí­n Dorado (The Golden Skate) in Panama. There she taught herself to roller dance. Now, she runs BCN Roller Dancer and hosts roller dance parties, meetups and events in Barcelona.

Diner en Blanc: Parisian Pop-up Picnickining en Masse

It’s the afternoon rush hour in New York City. Most people are heading home. Thirty-two hundred others have made Superman-style changes into all-white outfits at their office building restrooms or the gym to attend Diner en Blanc (White Dinner), an elegant Parisian pop-up picnic held at a secret city location.

Travel + Leisure: Trend Alert: Spain’s “Walking Gallery”

Web exclusive for top travel mag, Travel + Leisure: Trend Alert: Spain’s “Walking Gallery”

What’s On This Weekend: NYC and BCN

By Carey Reed Zamarriego What’s on this weekend? A lot. Here’s a short list of events to attend and deals to take advantage of in NYC and Barcelona (BCN). Some even see the two cities collide. Have fun. —— ¿Que está pasando este finde? Pues un montón. Aquí menciono algunos eventos que no debes perder […]
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Barcelona, Spain: FULL DISCLOSURE

By Carey Reed Zamarriego (una versión en español está abajo) This photo features my good friend Anna and I relaxing on a couch after an afternoon BBQ at a friend of a friend’s Barceloneta Beach apartment. It is, I believe, the perfect photographic representation of Barcelona: a spectacular seaside city filled with great people, great […]
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Mountain Side Gear Rental: Camping Equipment Rentals Delivered to YOU

By Carey Reed Zamarriego (una versión en español está abajo) I’m in the midst of planning a West Coast adventure trip. The fun will start at a close friend’s wedding outside San Francisco and continue with a road/plane trip with another friend coming in from Barcelona, Spain, to explore the vineyards in Sonoma and cities […]
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Wanderlust Revelation: Bang Bang Boogaloo Label Launch Party March 8, 2011 (NYC)

By Carey Reed Zamarriego (una versión en español está abajo) It’s been my experience that 90% of the time ‘Boogaloo’ is used in the title of an event, it is a sign of a guaranteed good time. I got the tip-off on Bang Bang Boogaloo’s Label Launch party happening Tuesday, March 8, 2011 from another […]
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Wanderlust Revelation: Salseek.com Launch Party February 18, 2011(NYC)

By Carey Reed Zamarriego Natalie Maniscalco, CEO and founder of Salseek.com, a digital magazine showcasing all things salsa, says she’s wanted to learn how to dance salsa “probably from the first time I saw the movie Dirty Dancing.” Personally, I think my first encounter with the big world of sexy Latin American dance styles was […]
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